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Welcome to the last gift store you'll ever need. Take part in the 3D Printing revolution now.

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Level up your console or desk with an amazing design from Holoprops.


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Every gift is made to order. Customize the perfect gift or turn an idea into reality.

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  • Taro

    Discover joy through giving and sharing with Taro Industries. Our mission revolves around spreading happiness through thoughtful gifts and crafting memories. Join us to create meaningful moments with every gift.

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  • 3D Printing

    We blend the magic of 3D printing technology with your imagination, offering a unique way to be part of the design process. Transform your ideas into reality and experience this revolutionary technology!

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Looking for Inspiration?

Check out these custom projects! Submit an idea and watch it come to life. 3D printing can help solve a problem or create some unique, personalized merchandise for your brand.

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