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Hello Fernie!

Looks like you've found a mini sign. Welcome to Taro Industries, a small 3D printing production company based out of my apartment. Feel free to look around the site or find me at the following markets. Bring the sign for a SURPRISE

- Twilight Craft Fair 24th November 5-9pm

- Holiday Craft Fair 25th November 10-3pm

- Stocking Stuffer 16th December 10-3pm

Markets will be held at the Community Center. Visit Fernie Craft Fair for more information.

If you don't want to keep the sign, that's okay! Leave it to surprise someone else.

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Thank you for Stopping by!

Even if you are not interested, that's totally okay! Next time you hear of someone looking for parts just send them this way. This is a small passion project I'm working on mostly for fun.

Hope to see you at the Winter Craft Markets in Fernie!


Have a Business?

Get in touch! Let's chat about how 3D printing and design can help. My main goal with this project is to give back to the community. Check out these projects below and submit a form.

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